What is Web Site Promotion?

Web Site promotion is about promoting your website in any way possible, to increase its profile and awareness amongst your target audience. Promotion will involve any or all of: submissions to search engines; strategic links; strategic copywriting; banner ads; opt-in email; client retention marketing; affiliate programs; press releases; sponsorship deals; strategic domain purchasing; design and redesign.
Promotion is worth doing because business depends on attracting customers to your site. These customers do not know you but they may be introduced via a search engine. They type in what they imagine to be keywords describing their interest, and rely on the search engine finding your site. Promotion means ensuring as far as you can that your site features at least in the first 3 pages. The chances of business resulting from positions much beyond that are much reduced. Although the competition may be very numerous, obtaining a good position in search results may not necessarily demote a competitor. Experience shows that many internet searches yield inappropriate results: It is of little use, for example to be top of the list for someone looking for a “plane” if you are a pilot and your customer a carpenter.
A competent optimization specialist, conversant with up-to-date search engine procedures, will be able to apply effective measures to promote your site and make the most of your advertising budget.


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